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About Rolondo Rich

‘Feed the Streets’ is the hot new single to come from West Coast’s finest Rolondo Rich. Inspired by epic nights spent in 10ak in Hollywood, ‘Feed the Streets’ features hot beats and a sick flow, showing off Rolondo Rich’s party side. Produced by XV3 The Brand, this new single is definitely one to add to your Saturday night playlists! With a slick video to match, ‘Feed the Streets’ brings us into Rolondo Rich’s high flying world and we love it!

Rolondo Rich is a real descendent of the ‘Thug Life’ era, with family ties to Tupac. Inspired to start rapping by his cousin and Tupac, Rolondo Rich has seized his opportunity with music since his release from federal prison, vowing to never again be incarcerated, and has devoted his time to turning the negative into a positive. “I’m the last of that Dying Breed and I was taught early on that the music industry is 90% business.” states Rolondo who is currently working on his debut full length album, expected to drop later this year.